Fitness Studio


Peak Fitness Studio isn’t a gym – step inside the door and you’ll quickly find out why we’re different from any other training facility you’ve been to before.  We have limited membership numbers.  We give you personal service.  We're an immaculate, spacious studio with the best equipment you’ll find anywhere. We specialise is all forms of rehabilitation. We’re passionate about results and we're a great community of like-minded people who want to help people take their health & fitness to the next level

Small, Private, Unique

We’re a state of the art private health fitness studio and we’re 100% focussed on you and your goals.  Our small group sessions are designed for every fitness level and ability, any age and all shapes and sizes – your workout is tailored to you!  It’s personal training but in a small group – you get all the benefits of having your own trainer but at a fraction of the cost. Peak is for anyone who wants to exercise in an unpretentious, safe environment where your results are what matters!

Progress at your Pace

When you join Peak Fitness, you’ll get a full body analysis including a body fat calculation.  We’ll then suggest an achievable training and nutrition program that will get you long lasting results.  We want you to enjoy the journey and succeed, so we monitor your progress monthly and give you feedback on what’s going well and what may need a little extra focus.  But remember – "the journey is yours to take as fast or as slow as you want, and we’re behind you every step of the way."

Short, Intense, Back-to-Back Sessions

Most of our sessions are just 30 minutes long but they are designed to target the specific goals of the participants!  While we run them back-to-back, you can design your own 60 or 90 minute combo session.  You’ll get a different workout each time and because our sessions are small, you get extra attention from our qualified instructors.  This is especially important for those who have physical limitations which are effecting their fitness journey.

No two sessions are the same because the participants determine the direction that the session will take.

No time to train?  Drop in as your passing and jump into a 30 minute results based session. 

Missed a Cycle Session?  Create your Own!

If you can’t make it to one of our regular cycle sessions - we've got you covered!  Just book a bike for your personal ride, set your grade and our virtual instructor will make sure you work up a sweat!

Virtual Active helps you to escape to any of a number of riding destinations from around the world!

Dynamic Training Zones

Our training zones are designed to work every part of your body.  From cardio to core strength and resistance workouts, with our state of the art equipment there’s an exercise to suit everyone.  Book your sessions in advance so you can plan your week for a complete body workout. 


With the MyZone fitness monitor (the latest in fitness technology), you’ll be able to check how hard you’re working and compare your exercise intensity with the rest of the group both during and after the session. MyZone is available in our Cycle Studio and our Group Modular space, with MyZone you’ll get the most out of each session whatever your fitness level.

MyZone doesn’t only track your effort level at Peak, it tracks the intensity and duration of your activity whenever you wear it - even out of the Studio.  MyZone online is an incredible tool which enables not only you but the team at Peak to properly analyse both your exercise program and food intake which is imperative when you are trying to succeed in any health, fitness or wellness program