Meet Jan Pearce

Jan Pearce is a health & fitness professional with over 30 years experience.  She is a successful athlete who has competed both nationally & internationally while being a busy mother of three boys.

In 2002, after moving from Sydney to the Gold Coast, Jan opened Peak Pilates and Cycle Studio, a facility that challenged traditional training norms and offered clients a unique exercise experience in a professional, private environment. 

Although ridiculed by some Pilates purists.  The combination of high energy indoor cycling and the focused structure of Pilates created a unique hybrid workout that achieved great results for her clients.

This was the start of a journey now spanning 15 years that focused on innovative training programs that combine multiple disciplines to create interesting, challenging and fun workouts that keep her clients motivated and coming back for more.

One of the key innovations of the hybrid workout is that each session component runs for just 30 minutes.  Jan saw the need, not just so 2 different disciplines could be incorporated into a 60 minute session, but to give people who were time-poor an opportunity to duck in for a quick 30 minute session if they were unable to make the full hour.

A short, intense workout that happens regularly is a far better fitness option than a longer workout that happens irregularly.  As Jan says, “It’s not the duration of the workout that’s important its all about working hard for a short time and then letting your body recover”.

Jan has shaken up the Pilates and indeed the fitness world with her no-nonsense, action packed workouts designed for all fitness levels and all shapes and sizes.  From the new mum trying to get fit after pregnancy through to the young at heart and those rehabilitating from an injury or illness through to the elite level athlete, Jan has trained them all and has a unique ability to get the best out of everyone in her sessions.

Jan’s sessions are unique, taking the best of each training discipline to create a blend that is safe, fun, effective and importantly get the results her clients are looking for.  Her years of experience mean that no two sessions are alike so every workout has something different.  Jan is a master of adding unexpected twists to her sessions and getting clients to push just that little bit harder each time they train.

Jan lives and breathes her healthy lifestyle ethic and actively educates her clients on small, achievable changes they can make to their diet and exercise regime – small changes that can pack a powerful punch.  She is a clean eating advocate and firmly believes in moving her body every day. 

She sets high standards for herself but realises that her disciplined lifestyle is not for everyone.  What she does demand however is that her clients want to make some changes and will commit to being the best they can be.  "You don’t have to be great to start – but you have to start to be great."

Once you commit to making a change Jan will be there to help while providing nutritional guidance, a balanced exercise program and healthy lifestyle tips.

 "A healthy lifestyle isn’t about building a better body.  It’s about building a better life."